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Advertising, Sponsorship and Promotional Opportunities

Thank you for being interested in advertising and sponsorship with Walks Around Britain.  

We've designed this section to give you an overview of what opportunities are available with us across our...

    • website
    • television series
    • social media
    • radio series / podcast
    • online video walks
    • live streaming
    • email newsletter

Information about licensing the Walks Around Britain brand for print publishing, outdoor kit and event purposes, please see here...

Of course, if you require any further info, please email, tweet or phone us.

Since we launched in 2009,

Walks Around Britain

has grown to become the

country's leading digital destination for

short walks and walking information.

Advanced Demographics

The Brand

  • The leading British digital destination for short walks and walking information

  • Reaching a core audience of midde-aged and mature ABC1s

  • a mixed audience of experienced walkers and people new to the hobby

  • Highly respected as an authority on walking

  • Specifically focused on short walks (between 2 - 8 miles) especially perfect for families, dogs owners, silver walkers and new walkers; and the shorter, long-distance trails - perfect for those wanting to spread their walking wings

Our visitors / audience

The profile of the audience to Walks Around Britain is biased towards women, with
59% female and 41% male - fairly unusual for walking websites.

Across different platforms however, there is a more nuanced picture...

  • On our YouTube channel, 76% of viewers are male

The majority of our audience are between the ages of 45-54, with the next largest defined group in 55-65 age range.

Across different platforms, there is a slightly different picture...
  • Nearly 21% of our viewers on YouTube are in the 13–17 age range
  • 13% of our audience on Facebook are in the 65+ age range

The vast majority of the total audience of Walks Around Britain are based in the United Kingdom, but there's a significant section from the United States and Austrialia.

Across different platforms however, there is a more nuanced picture...
    • Two-thirds of our audience on Amazon's Prime Video are from the United States
    • 4% of our Facebook audience are from the United States
    • Only 51% of our YouTube audience are from the United Kingdom

    • Many of our audience have families with children living at home and many are dog owners.
    • A large percentage of our audience describe themselves as new to walking.
    • Those who are established walkers prefer day hikes of between 2-8 miles.
    • Around 90% are looking for walks in new areas they haven’t been to before.  
    • Our audience prefer to take their holidays in the UK and enjoy many day trips – with many of these trips being walking based.  
    • 88% of our audience are influenced by our website, television series, podcasts and social media as to places to visit to go walking.

    • The country's leading free-of-charge website for short walks and walking information.

    • ABs: 65%

    • Female: 59%

    • Male: 41%

    • Average dwell time: 10 mins

    • Unique monthly users: 20k

    • Hits monthly: 978k

    • Average age: 42

    • ABC1s: 72%

    The Website

    • Syndicated across 20 Television Channels around the UK

    • The only British short walks series available worldwide on Amazon's Prime Video

    • Available on board various train operators in Britain

    • Broadcast in the UK every day since January 2017

    • Described as "Britain's best walking programme" by the website Outdoors Magic

    • Total number of viewers across all channels and seasons: 42.1 million

    • Total numbers of viewers across all channels for season one alone: 13.5 million

    • International broadcasters in New Zealand, Australia and the United States

    • Season One to Five currently being broadcast with Season Six now in production

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    within our Television Series

    The Television Series

    Social Media

    Online Video

    • Twitter Followers:
      (as of 2nd January 2020 - up from
      37,122 on
      12th November 2019

    • The most followed Twitter account in the world dedicated to short walks in Britain.

    • Average Tweet impressions (over 28 days): 235k

    • Tweets earned 457k impressions in Feb 2019

    • Facebook Likes: 11,032 (as of 2nd January 2020 - up from 10,823 on 12th November 2019)

    • Regular Facebook reach (over 7 days): 15k - 30k

    • Instagram Followers: 2,163 (as of 2nd January 2020 - up from 2,149 on 12th November 2019)

    • Also Pinterest & Flickr

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    Advertising, Promotional and Sponsorship Opportunities

    • Pioneered television-quality outdoor programmes online

    • Videos now hosted on YouTube and Facebook

    • Total video views on YouTube alone: 487,392 (as of 2nd January 2020 - up from 481,989 on 12th November 2019)

    • Total subscribers on YouTube: 3,349 (as of 2nd January 2020 - up from 3,150 on 12th November 2019)

    • Most watched video walk: Newcastle City Centre with 173,000 views

    Live Streaming

    • Started in 2016

    • An exciting and new way to inspire the Walks Around Britain audience with walking destinations and outdoor kit.

    • Broadcasting on Facebook Live and Periscope/Twitter and available around the world live.

    • Videos stored within Facebook and Periscope for playback later or embedding in websites.

    • Described as "the best Radio 4 programme not on Radio 4" by a listener

    • Available on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Castbox, Deezer, Stitcher, RadioPublic, AudioBoom, YouTube and the Walks Around Britain website

    • Averages over 1.5k listens within the first month of availablity

    • Last 12 podcasts totalled 41,200 listens... 18,200 more than buy one month's Country Walking magazine

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    Advertising, Promotional and Sponsorship Opportunities

    • Industry-leading Open Rate average of 46.6% (average for travel is 16.1%)

    • Industry-leading Click Rate average of 7.5% (average for travel is 2%)

    • Top locations by opens: UK 76.3%; USA 16.8%; Australia 4.2%; Canada 0.8%

    • 1,586 subscribers (as of 2nd January 2020 - up from 1,563 on 12th November 2019)

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    Advertising, Promotional and Sponsorship Opportunities

    The Podcast

    The Email Newsletter

    Find our Media Pack on Webfluential.
    Download our Media Pack as a PDF

    Walks Around Britain has several target markets we are focused on with all our content across television, the web, live streaming, podcasts and social media...

    • Families
    • Dog Owners
    • People new to walking
    • Weekend walkers
    • Silver Walkers - the over 65s

    Walks Around Britain's target markets are looking for outdoor clothing, accommodation,  maps, walking holidays, equipment, transport and many other outdoor products and services....

    • Tents and Camping equipment
    • Caravans and Motorhomes
    • Cars and Dog-friendly Vans
    • Dog accessories and equipment
    • Transport

    • Outdoor clothing and footwear
    • Maps
    • Self-catering Holidays
    • Walking Holidays
    • GPS Equipment and Apps

    Our Target Markets

    What Our Target Markets Wants...

    Walks Around Britain brand strengths

    One of our big strengths is we are the only walking brand to have one unified identity across all our activities.

    So, unlike some magazines and other TV series...
    • Our Website is called Walks Around Britain
    • Our Television Series is called Walks Around Britain
    • Our Radio Series and Podcast is called Walks Around Britain
    • and when we get around to books, they'd be called Walks Around Britain

    • Walks Around Britain is a well-established walking website being launched back in March 2010

    • Walks Around Britain has a high level of trust and credibility among the walking, outdoor & travel community

    • Walks Around Britain appeals to both novices and independent-minded experienced walkers

    • Walks Around Britain covers exclusively walking in Great Britain

    • Walks Around Britain is a huge supporter of small local and rural businesses and communities

    • Walks Around Britain is available across multiple platforms - available as a website, online videos, radio / podcasts, social media, broadcast television and subscription on-demand

    About Us

    Join us for short walks and walking info from Britain's leading digital walking destination
    Walking routes, information, walking festivals, gear reviews
    on the website, social media, radio/podcast, DVD and television.
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