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Walks from Season Three - Glen Wyllin

A walk which takes in part of the miles of closed railway lines on the Isle of Man, before detouring along part of the island's coastal path... oh and there's two beautiful glens along the way too.

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A walk around Glen Wyllin on the Isle of Man - Walks Around Britain Shorts
Walk Info
3½ miles (5.6km)
Minimum time
2½ hours
Total ascent
45 ft (14m)
Level of difficulty
Public footpaths and beach. Boggy in place. Challenging steps in parts
2 gates / 1 stile

Grid SC 31637 90661
Keep on leads
Car Park off Station Road
Public Transport
Bus 5, 5A, 6C Douglas, Peel, Ramsey
In Kirk Michael town
or Glen Wyllin camp site

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Route Directions

  • If you are driving to Kirk Michael, park in the car park off Station Road.  Start the walk by turning right onto Station Road.

  • If you are arriving by bus, get off at Kirk Michael and start walking down Station Road.

  • Walk down Station Road, with A3 Main Road behind you, crossing over the junction for The Meadows on the left.

  • With the Kirk Michael Fire Station on the right, turn left around the replica level crossing gate and down the footpath which was the old railway line.

  • Soon, the path comes to the edge of Glen Wyllin, and the path drops down on the left side to the bottom of the valley – but before you do, carry on to the end barrier where the old viaduct crossed the glen for a great view of the area around.

  • At the bottom of the glen, turn right and then immediate left to cross over the river.

  • Turn right to walk past the campsite office and the campsite on the right towards the shore.

  • When you’ve reached the car park, the walk continues to the left side of the jetty which goes down to the shore.

  • Follow the path around and then down onto the beach.

  • Even with the tide in, there’s a decent amount of beach to walk along on this section.  Just keep the sea to your right and keep walking.

  • After around ¾ mile, take the jetty up to a road which goes past a car park, and threads itself through a village set in trees up to the main A4 road.

  • At the A4, you need to reach the public footpath which is cross the road diagonally to the right.  Take care crossing the A4 here, as traffic can be busy.

  • Go through the gate and follow the path down into the valley of Glen Mooar.  At the pillars of the old railway viaduct, turn left to cross over the river and climb up to the top of the valley on the other side.

  • With Glen Mooar behind you, follow the path and walk through a rather overgrown section before going through a kissing gate to a more open section.

  • After going through a metal gate, turn left briefly down Ballaleigh Road before turning right to walk along the well-signed wide grass-lined footpath.

  • This is back on the old railway line, and because it is in a cutting, this section can be quiet boggy – so find the boards which have be placed on the ground to avoid to most soggy patches.

  • After a while, the path goes underneath the A4 road using one of the old railway bridges.

  • Eventually, the path comes to the other side of the removed railway viaduct across Glen Wyllin.  Walk down to the valley bottom via the path to the right.

  • At the campsite access road, turn left and then right to cross over the river via the bridge and climb back up to the far side to walk back along the old railway line to reach Station Road.

  • Turn right to walk up Station Road to either the car park or the A3 Main Road for the bus.

Relevant Links

Information about the island, accommodation and events from the offical website of Visit Isle of Man.

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