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Walks from Season Two - Holmfirth
A great Sunday afternoon walk from the heart of the West Yorkshire town made famous by the sitcom Last of the Summer Wine.  But there's no Foggy, Compo or Clegg here as we journey through the old town and out in to the valley for some stunning landscapes.  And watch out for the largest free-standing building in the UK on your travels...

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A walk around Holmfirth, West Yorkshire - Walks Around Britain Shorts
Andrew and Ashley Jackson walking through Holmfirth
Walk Info
2½ miles (4.5km)
Minimum time
1½ hours
Total ascent
328 ft (100m)
Level of difficulty
Well defined paths &
street walking -
some steep steps in Holmfirth

Grid SE 14265 08175
On leads
Car parks in Holmfirth
Public Transport
Bus -
In Holmfirth town
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Route Directions

  • The walk starts in the square outside the Holy Trinity Church, off Town Gate.

  • Head to the far left hand corner of the square, and climb the steep steps up to Beattie's Coffee Shop.  Use the hand rail if needed.

  • At the top of the steps, bear left and Go left past T'owd Towser - the building which is thought to be the oldest in the town - and head up Church Terrace.

  • There are more steps to climb here and then a left turn at the top joins Bunkers Hill.

  • At the top of Bunkers Hiill, turn right up the hill along Back Lane.

  • Carry on along Back Lane, past a fig tree on the right and the Old Vicarage on the left.

  • Continue up the hill and ignore the road going off to the right.  This is now South Lane.

  • Continue on South Lane and past the junction with New Laithe Lane on the left.

  • Turn right down Underbank Old Road - and be careful - this is a steep drop.

  • Look for traces of the former cobbled surface outside Joben Cottage.

  • Continue along Underbank Old Road, then straight across the road at the cross roads and up the hill.

  • After the lonely mill chimney, turn right down Underbank Old Road to Dunford Road.

  • Cross Dunford Road - which is the B6106 - and take care with the traffic here, before turning left up the hill walking on the pavement for around 500 metres.

  • Turn right down Choppards Bank Road and at the fork in the road, keep left, and continue down Choppards Bank Road.

  • The building around 700 metres down on the left on Choppards Bank Road is Choppards Mission Room, a small hillside church originally built in 1839 as a day school.

  • After the Mission Room, turn right down Choppards Lane at the junction with Cote Lane.

  • The mill pond at the bottom of this steep hill is fed by the River Ribble and was originally a source of water power for Washpit Mill.

  • Continue uphill past Washpit Mill and past Lamma Wells Farm.

  • Continue on Lamma Wells Road and go past the junction with Cartworth Bank Road at the top of the hill and then continue onto Cartworth Road.

  • Continue until the junction with Cemetery Road and Rotcher Road, carrying forwards on Rotcher Road.

  • After the bend on Rotcher Road, take a left turn down some steep steps leading through to Goose Green.

  • Continue onto New Row and past White Witch Cottage.

  • The lane emerges onto Hollowgate, opposite Holmfirth Market.

Relevant Links

Ashley Jackson is one of the country's leading and most successful landscape watercolourists.

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