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Looking after your dog

Sometimes, accidents can happen whilst out walking with dogs, and here are a few hints and tips about how to cope with some common problems.

Heat Stroke

If your dog is panting excessively and is having difficulty breathing...

  • Move into the shade and keep your dog calm
  • Cool all of your dog with water and fan the head
  • Let you dog drink small amounts of cool water frequently.


Ticks are potentially harmful parasites which can spread nasty diseases.  Check for ticks during and after a walk, particularly in the summer.

If you find one – they look like a smooth dark pea - use tweezers to squeeze the skin that surrounds the tick and grab its head.  Slowly, pull it out.  Make sure you get the whole tick, as anything left can still cause problems.  If you've got access to some olive oil, drop some on the tick with dropper first - this suffocates them and makes them easier to pull out.

Insect stings

If a sting is left in your dog, scrape it away with a fingernail or credit card.

  • Do not squeeze or grasp the sting
  • Cool the area with a wet cloth to help reduce pain or swelling
  • If in doubt, contact your vet.

Adder bites

Keep your dog still and calm.  If possible, don't allow it to walk; carry it instead. Leave the bite wound alone and contact a vet immediately.

A good idea is to find out the name and number of the emergency vet in the area you’re walking in and carry it in your mobile phone.

Alabama Rot

See our dedicated page about the nasty disease Alabama Rot.

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