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If you're looking for a guest for a spot about the outdoors, look no further than Andrew White
from Walks Around Britain.  Andrew can take your viewers and listeners  through a walking journey - without leaving their television or radio....

Whether it's walking advice about the right gear, how to plan a walk, a tour around walking routes in a specific area or a behind-the-scenes look at how Walks Around Britain
is made, Andrew can provide a guest spot which is engaging and dynamic.   

Andrew's on air experience goes back 25 years, and so he can be relied upon at anytime.

Clips on video or audio from Walks Around Britain walks can be made available too.

Andrew is available for either single or for a series of regular appearances, and is happy to either chat in the studio or get outside to talk on location - after all, that is what we do!  And if you can't get Andrew to you, he is available via telephone or Skype.

To contact Andrew, e-mail him direct here, phone or text on Skype or message him on Twitter.

About Us

Join us for short walks and walking info from Britain's leading digital walking destination
Walking routes, information, walking festivals, gear reviews
on the website, social media, radio/podcast, DVD, books and television.
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