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Welcome to the
Walks Around Britain
radio programme & podcast

Every month, we produce a
walking and outdoor radio
programme, which features gear &
kit reviews, outdoor news & views,
interviews, area walking guides
and audio walks.

Here you can find more
about the programme,
where to listen to it on the radio,
and all the ways you can
subscribe as a podcast.
In addition to our television series and the walks and information on our website, every month we make a radio programme featuring audio walks, outdoor news & views, interviews, gear & kit reviews and area walking guides.

Join Andrew White for Walks Around Britain on the radio on the stations mentioned below, or subscribe as a podcast using your favourite app/website.
Walks Around Britain on the Radio

Soon, you'll be able to listen to the Walks Around Britain Radio Programme on various Community and Local Radio Stations across the UK.

For further details about when they will be broadcasting Walks Around Britain, please visit the website of the station of your choice, or follow us on Twitter, where we try to tweet out as often as we can when a station is broadcasting an edition.

On our blog has Show Notes for each programme and podcast - with a comprehensive selection of links, photos and short videos relating to that edition.

You'll find the latest edition available here on our website, along with the back catalogue for you to listen to as well - and you could follow us on our hosting platform
AudioBoom here.

But if you'd like the latest edition to speed its way to your phone automatically, then you can always subscribe to the podcast for free using your favourite podcast app...

You can also find us on Spotify, CastBox, Stitcher and RadioPublic - or, to add our podcast to your choice of podcast software, use our RSS feed here.  You can also listen to our podcasts on our YouTube channel too.

If you've got any comments about our podcasts, or would like information about sponsoring them, please get in touch - podcast@walksaroundbritain.co.uk.

About Us

Join us for short walks and walking info from Britain's leading digital walking destination
Walking routes, information, walking festivals, gear reviews
on the website, social media, radio/podcast, DVD, books and television.
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