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Our Top 5 Camping Accessories

Camping Accessories take many forms, so we got our editor Andrew White to select some of his favourites - so here is our selection of the Top 5 Camping Accessories available now.

As we get to see new kit, we'll be updating this page, so keep popping back to stay up-to-date with our selection.

Coleman BatteryGuard 800L Lantern

Lighting is always an issue when camping, especially when you're away from electric hook-ups - and up to now, battery-powered lights have been pretty wowful.  Now, thanks to LED technology, battery lights are very illuminating - and this one from Coleman is one of the best.

Light output is variable, and ranges from 75 lumens on low to 800 lumens on high - and has a beam throw of up to an impressive 15 metres.  On high, it'll run for 30 hours and on low a massive 200 hours.

The batteries are 4x"D" types, but the clever bit is the BatteryLock technology, which physically separates the battery from the contacts inside the light when it isn't on - so the battery can never drain.

£35 - Buy Now
Light My Fire Meal Kit 2.0 Bio

Another piece of fantastic Swedish design - the Meal Kit 2.0 is all you need to prepare and eat a packed meal whenever you're outdoors.

Made using easy-to-clean, taste-free material, the kit fits together like one of those Russian dolls - with everything having a place and fitting together perfectly.  The lid doubles up as the plate with round corners so you can use the spoon/fork combo - called the Spork - to get every last bit of your meal.  There's a bowl, a strainer/cutting board, two SnapBoxes - for keeping stuff in, and collapsible cup and a harness to hold everything tight.

The only problem is remembering in what order everything needs to be put back in for it to fit together as perfect as you got it!

£29.95 - Buy Now

Outwell Goya XL Folding Camping Chair

As well as making some excellent tents, Danish company Outwell also produce a range of well-thought out camping accessories - like the Goya folding chair.

This isn't the standard flimsy camping chair - the Goya has a sturdy frame made from a combination of steel and alloy, so it's fairly lightweight but still remarkably rigid when opened.  Opening and closing is easy, and there's no further assembly required.

It is extra large and extra strong (max load 100kg) and uses water repellent material beneath the fabric to prevent the foam padding from soaking up water if it gets left out in the rain.

£45 - Buy Now

Mora 106 BK Wood Carving Knife

In Sweden, there's a culture of responsible knife use for woodcarving, with children as young as 9 using knives to make fairly detailed pieces in wood - and this is called whittling.

Having been introduced to this practice on a recent trip to Sweden's Lake District, it certainly is a great match as a pasttime for camping.  One of the best makers of knives for this is Mora - who have been making knives since 1891 - so they know a thing or two.  In fact, it's Mora's tools that are used by wood carvers in Nusnäs, where one of Sweden’s most recognized national symbols – the Dala Horse – is carved.

This particular example - the Mora Woodcarving 106 Knife - is a very comfortable and easy to use knife, well suited for use in a wide variety of carving projects. The design of the knife makes it very easy to maintain the edge and keep it razor sharp.  They handle is made of oiled birchwood, which is chunky enough to fill your hand to give you ultimate control.  It comes with a plastic sheath for ease of storage and carry.

It is worth pointing out that whilst owning a knife such as the Mora 106 isn't illegal in the UK, the carrying of such a knife in public could result in police action.  

£25.95 - Buy Now

Thule Motion XT XL

When you've simply run out of space in the car - or the car is full of dogs - or you're towing a bike rack so you can't have a trailer - then these are the times when a car roof box comes in very handy.  And Thule are pretty much the best at roof boxes.

The Motion XT XL is large - the massive 500 litre capacity should be quite enough for most people's needs - in fact the challenge is making sure you can lift the stuff out of the box rather than fitting it all in.  It rather cleverly opens from either side, and has a central looking system so that you'll never forget to lock one side.

It has a forwarded position on the car roof, so top-opening back doors aren't restricted in any way in opening.  It's tough but lightweight, and attaches to the car easily - if you also have the correct Thule roof bars - sold separately...

£645 - Buy Now

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