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Our Top 5 Children's Jackets

Here's our selection of the Top 5 Children's Jackets at the moment.
As with most outdoor kit, walking trousers have more than their fare share of technical phrases and acronyms - one to watch for here is DWR - or Durable Water Repellency - which is a waterproofing treatment sprayed onto the outer layer of the fabric.  As the full name suggests, it's not waterproof in itself, but does reduce the amount of water going through the fabric.
If you'd like any help with what to look for in a pair of walking jackets, then click here for our guide.
As we get to see new kit, we'll be updating this page, so keep popping back to stay up-to-date with our selection.

Regatta Kids' Oberon V Softshell Jacket

The Oberon V kids' jacket feels lovely to touch - and once on, your kids will appreciate the stretchy, warm material on a bracing beach walk or walk in the hills.

The fabic is a Extol-based stretch, warm-backed material, and additional stretch bindings are fitted to the collar, cuffs and hem to keep body heat in and the elements out.  It's easy to get on and off, has zip pockets for belongings and washes nice.

One of the four colour styles available should appeal to either girls or boys - and either one are available at the moment at this great price...

Was £50 now £24.95 - Buy Now

ISBJÖRN - Kid's Panda Hoodie - Fleece jacket

There's one big problem with this jacket from ISBJÖRN... they don't make it in an adult's' size!  That's because Swedish company ISBJÖRN are exclusively for kids, and their focus really shows with the this.  It's a lovely jacket most kids would love to have.

Firstly, it just looks the part.  The three available colours should cover all preferences, and they are different enough for a son and daughter to be happy to wear the same jacket in different colours.  Detailing around the seams, pockets and zip are attractive but also functional.

Secondly, the Panda Hoodie is made from a two-tone soft fleece knitted fabric, meaning it is light but incredibly warm.  It can easily become the jacket of choice for all occasions, and is light enough to be carried in the backpack just in case.  It's not waterproof, but it doesn't pretend to be - it's for keeping your kids warm and toasty, and it does that fantastically and with great style.

£79.95 - Buy Now
Craghoppers Kid's Brady Hybrid Jacket

The Brady is a bit of a hybrid - the mix of the comfort and versatility of a fleece with the warmth of a compressible jacket.  The syling does remind us of stuff we used to see as kids in the 80s - but perhaps that is in fashion these days...  The sleeves and hood are microfleece whereas the body panel is an insulated, baffled affair providing warmth.

It's lightweight, water resistant and the fleece is made from recycled materials - so your little one is helping the planet.  Craghoppers suggest the jacket is "a great option for cooler, active days in the outdoors."

Was £40 - Now £32 - Buy Now
Regatta Kids' Pack It Waterproof Packaway Jacket

One of those "must-have essentials" to have just in case, the Regatta Pack It jacket is made from a waterproof fabric and features taped seams with a breathable design - making it great for summer and winter adventures.  The hood provides extra protection from the elements and 2 lower pockets offer storage.

As the name suggests, it packs away into its own bag - so it's fine for dumping in the backpack and forgetting about... until it's needed.

One of the 13 colours should be up your little ones' street.

£20.95 - Buy Now

Mountain Warehouse Fell Water-resistant Kids 3 in 1 Jacket

MW are quite proud of this jacket, and it's clear to see why.  When you're looking for the best value, a 3-in-1 jacket has to be on your list.  Depending on the weather conditions, there's a inner fleece to keep them warm on a dry, chilly day; a water-resistant outer shell for warmer, wet days - and by putting the two together, you've got a jacket perfect for keeping them both dry and warm.

The hood packs away too, rolling up into a collar pocket and there's two convenient side pockets.

Was £49.99 now £29.99 - Buy Now
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