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The Walks Around Britain Top 5s

We get to see a lot of outdoor kit here at Walks Around Britain.

Lots of it comes through to be tested and for the team here to give their views and opinions.

So, we thought that instead of us doing standard reviews of that kit, we could do a list of the outdoor kit we're particularly happy to recommend at the moment.  And maybe that list could be regularly updated, so it's always current - unlike reviews in magazines.

So here they are - the Walks Around Britain Top 5s.  Here, we'll build up many lists of our choices of the best kit available now.  And by best kit, we don't always mean the most expensive either.

Remember, our Top 5 lists will be continually updated and revised, as we discover new kit, unlike traditional reviews - so keep popping back to stay up-to-date with our selections.
About our reviews
Walks Around Britain's product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust.  
If you click on the links to buy any product, we do sometimes earn revenue on the transaction, but we never let this effect and bias our choices.
The links we provide may not be the cheapest retailer available.
All our reviews are done with the actual product in front of us and every item is tested in real-world situations.

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