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Our Top 5 Smaller Tents

There's nothing better than going camping to feel connected and close to the outdoors.  With camping becoming more and more popular, we've got our editor Andrew White to select his Top 5 Smaller Tents available now.
As we get to see new kit, we'll be updating this page, so keep popping back to stay up-to-date with our selection.
OEX Coyote III 3 Person Tent
What the OEX team does at Go Outdoors is look at the competition, take all of the best features, add in some of their own and make something at a riddiculous price.  And that sums up the Coyote III.

It's a 3 person tent, with a very generous bedroom if you've got 2 people, and a large central area which is perfect to store kit or to relax if the weather isn't too good.  There are doors on either side so you can shield yourself away from the prevailing wind.

Hydrostatic head of 5000mm is part of the course and the pre-attached groundsheet and seperate inner tent means water won't be joining you all in the tent.  Match that with the Japanese Yunan T6 tent (tough stuff) and this is a quality tent at an amazing price.

And if you are in any doubt, Andrew uses one when he goes out filming!

£165 - Buy Now

Vango Nova 300 3 Person Tent

The Vango Nova 300 is on the kit list of the DofE, so is perfect for long-distance treks and is easy to pitch; Vango say 7 minutes and we'd agree.  It's incredibly sturdy in most conditions, giving you the confidence it will still be tere when you return from your hike.

The advantage over the Coyote III is you pitch it as one - the OEX model is in two parts... so the Nova is a quicker pitch.  However, the Coyote III has a hydrostatic head of 5000mm to the Nova's 3000mm, meaning the OEX model withstands more rain...

Still, you can't go wrong with the Nova 300, which is exclusive to Go Outdoors.

£149 - Buy Now
Euro Hike Shadow 350 Nightfall Tent
Available only at Go Outdoors, the Euro Hike Shadow 350 Nightfall is a basic entry tent - and there's nothing wrong with that.

It has one bedroom and one open porch area - so pretty standard for this design... although we're not sure how Go Outdoors manages to get 4 people in this (they clearly must know each other very well).

The hydrostatic head is 2000mm, so it's certainly not as waterproof as some of the other tents here... but then it is half the price.  Pitching time is quoted as 15 minutes, which is about right and for an occasional use tent for people just starting to camp, the Euro Hike Shadow 350 is pitched perfectly.

£90 - Buy Now

Mountain Warehouse Backpacker Lightweight 2 Man Tent

Mountain Warehouse is all about keeping prices to sensible level... and that of course means there's a few compremises in the spec of the Backpcker Lightweight.  That's why it's waterproof to 2000mm with its' fully taped seams - which is ok but certainly not the best - and the instructions aren't very good.

That all said, it is rather ace, as it packs in a sewn in groundsheet in te bedroom, colour coded fibreglass poles and roof vents to allow airflow...

Now that would be all good at £110... but at a penny under £85 it is amazing.  Get introduced to the world of camping with this.

Was £109.99 now reduced to £84.99 - Buy Now

Regatta Vester 4 Tent

Regatta haven't been doing tents for long, but they are getting things right... and the Vester 4 is an example of this.  It's a 4 person tent - of course - and actually will sleep 4 people comfortably without being too cramped.  The hydrostatic head is an average 3000mm and the poles are made of fibreglass - so are light and strong.

The bedroom has a range of pockets and features a light reduceing dark finish to help cut down on tent glare in the long summer days.

The expandable storage bag to allowing easy unpacking and packing is a nice touch.

£218.95 - Buy Now
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