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Our Top 5 Walking Accessories

Walking Accessories take many forms, so we got our editor Andrew White to select some of his favourites - so here is our selection of the Top 5 Walking Accessories available now.

As we get to see new kit, we'll be updating this page, so keep popping back to stay up-to-date with our selection.
Craghoppers Venture Walking Poles

They aren't actually the most light weight walking poles available, but these Craghoppers Venture walking poles are are good buy for walkers who haven't used walking poles before.  They are adjustable from 62cm - 135cm, which is perfect for most people.  The EVA grip is easy to hold, even through gloves in winter and the padded strap helps to take the weight off your grip when climbing over stiles and the like.

£45 - Buy Now


It sounds a bit extreme to say that these water bottles contain technology developed by NASA for space missions - but that's exactly what is inside these Water-to-Go bottles.
More than simply a re-usable water bottle - which is important enough as it is with the increasing amounts of single-use plastic bottles used for bottled water.  This is a water filtration system which can purify any non-salt water source such as taps, standpipes, rainwater and streams to provide safe drinking water on the go.
The filter will treat up to 200 litres of water (so the same as 400 single-use plastic water bottles) and replacement filters cost only around £18 for two.

£28 - Buy Now

Suunto Traverse GPS Outdoor Watch

How about a fully-functioning GPS unit on your wrist?  Well, you get that and more with the Suunto Traverse GPS watch.  The first thing you notice is the size - inkeeping with other outdoor watches, and certainly more managible on the wrist for long walks than Android-based watches, and is strong, but light.

With it, you can plan routes on the detailed topographic maps, which, whilst not being Ordnance Survey mapping, is fine for the purpose.  The watch will then allow navigation to the waypoints, saving any points of interest you desire en route.

The data you save is transferrable wirelessly to the Movescount App for iOS and Android and can be turned into a Suunto Movie - a 3D visualisation of your route.

The monochrome screen isn't perhaps as pleasing to look at as a full colour display as on Android Smartwatches, but does mean the Traverse will run for up to 100 hours on a single charge - as opposed to the 12-16 hours on an Android version.

£230 - Buy Now

Light My Fire Pack-Up Bottle

If you need a simple water bottle to take out with you when you are walking, then look no further than this clever one from Swedish people Light My Fire.  It's very lightweight, holds up to 700 ml and has a strong large loop hook for strapping to a backpack.  Measuring lines help you to keep on top of your hydration, and there's no chance of losing the cap as it is secured around the bottleneck.

It's dishwasher and microwave safe, and the best part about it is it is collapsible for easy transporting when empty.  Pure genius.

£13.95 - Buy Now

Sportviz sunglasses

When it's sunny, non-glasses wearers pop on a pair of cheap sunglasses - whilst us glasses wearers' have to buy expensive perscription ones.  And if we want goggles for swimming, then that's another expense.  

But what if there was a way to clip a pair of your perscription glasses into a variety of different sports and outdoor eyewear...  Well, that's exactly the idea behind Sportviz.  Firstly, you order and insert - called an Inzert - which is made to your perscription (the bottom pic), then you can clip them inside a range of frames they call Cores - from sunglasses to dive-quality goggles and many more.

The great idea here is you just buy the cores as and when you need them - and use your perscription Inzert in each one.

Price depends on combination - Buy Now
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