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Walking The Talk

The old adage, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" should be revised with "a walk a day keeps the doctor away."  A simple activity such as taking a 30 minute walk will have you looking younger and free from disease.  Most health professions actually prefer walking over running or any other vigorous exercise.  Walking is a low impact exercise that helps both the body and the soul.  Such as human beings, we are full of excuses why we cannot partake in this effortless exercise.  It is therefore the highest time to start walking the talk.

The best walks are those done in proper attire and the person feels comfortable and stable while walking.

First thing needed for a proper walk is a good pair of climbing shoes and Addnature got you covered.  Their shoes are airy, comfortable and come with great design.  Next is proper warm clothing that is stretchy to give you freedom of movement. Last but not least, water and a snack just in case you feel thirsty along the stretch.
A simple activity of walking comes with a myriad of health benefits.  When done in a proper way and right amount can be the only form of exercise you need.  Don’t be surprised the next time you visit the hospital, the doctor recommends a walk.  

Some of the benefits of walking are highlighted as below;
Live Longer and Save Money

If you want to see your great grandchildren, walk!  Research shows that you add approximately seven years to your life when you walk no matter your weight.  Walking is a very simple form of exercise and requires absolutely nothing.  Gym memberships can be quite expensive same as hospital bills.  Walking helps improve the quality of one’s sleep and makes one happy.

Reduces Stress and Promotes Self Esteem

When someone is crammed with worry and stress, they are advised to take a walk.  This is for good reason, when you walk, you get to release the negative energy, exhale and come back feeling calm and collected.  Studies show that while you walk, endorphins which are your body’s natural happy drugs are released.  This makes one feel happier and boosts your self-esteem.

Keeps Disease Away

The 21st century has brought with it a number of chronic diseases that are threatening our health systems.  Cancer, high blood pressure, strokes are just a few dangerous examples of diseases that are causing us sleepless nights.  However, it’s a bit unfortunate to note that these diseases can easily be avoided.  People who participate in regular walks have fewer heart attacks, low blood pressure and high levels of healthy cholesterol.

Promotes Weight Loss

Many of us what to lose weight but are not willing to put in the work.  There is not a single excuse that can exempt one from walking  as this is the least demanding exercise.  Walking is the healthiest way to lose weight. The secret to losing weight through walking is by interval walking.  Ideally for a beginner, you need to warm up for at least 3 minutes.  This can be through stretches or jumping jacks.  Then do a 25 minute walk alternating between a minute of walking fast and another minute of brisk walking.  This is then followed by a cool down of two minutes and the cycle is repeated again.

Gets The Creative Juices Flowing

Some times as writers, bloggers, designers, creatives or literally any type of job you do, you will hit a creative block.  This is a stage when you feel you are not well motivated to create new ideas or simply are motivated to work.  Walking can swipe away the block and help the creative juices start flowing in our system.  So the next time you are having a hard time being creative, just take a walk.

Gets Your Legs Looking Great

Walking everyday can help those who suffer from varicose veins.  Chances of getting varicose veins increases as you get older.  The circulatory system is supported by the venous system formed by muscles, veins and valves all located are our calves and feet.  The circulatory system is mandated to push blood back to the heart and the lungs.  Walking strengthens and preserves the leg muscles to ensure healthy blood flow.  Walking is a proven solution to prevent one from developing varicose veins.

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