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Go Outdoors' #GOoutpaws

With spring well and truly here, we've been getting outside doing a range of activities wearing jackets Go Outdoors gave us to test from their product range.
Andrew's eldest daughter Alannah selected the Vapour-rise Jacket from Rab.

It's a combination of a lightweight, breathable jacket with a fleece lined inner which is brilliant at wicking - taking the sweat away from the body.

Designed to regulate your temperature using Rab Vapour-rise™ technology and Pertex® Equilibrium outer fabric, the jacket is perfect for any strenuous outdoor activity.
At the moment, Alannah isn't doing too much that strenuous, but has started to use the lighter nights to go out walking around her local area in Doncaster at bit more - as a way to wind down as she prepares for her exams at school.

And the Rab Vapour-rise Jacket is fantastic for this, as it's so lightweight - only weighing 374 grams.  Because it is breathable too, it doesn't make her sweat whilst she's walking in the warm evening time.

Alannah has found it to be very comfortable and is planning on wearing it when she does her DoE later in the year.
Andrew's wife, Amanda, selected the Kewa Softshell Jacket by North Ridge - one of Go Outdoors' exclusive brands.

Amanda does most of the dog training with the Walks Around Britain dogs, and wanted a softshell jacket which was comfortable, fairly stretchy and which would keep out the wind.  Lots of Amanda's dog training is at pretty exposed areas, so the Kewa Softshell Jacket's wind and weather resistance is most welcome - yet at the same time, it is breathable.
The Kewa is made using a lightweight, double-weave fabric - and its' the stretch properties of the fabric which makes it perfect for dog training... allowing Amanda to be unrestricted whilst she's running round the agility ring.

It also shakes off any light rain that happens to fall during training too.  And the finish is particularly impressive for the price - rivaling that of much more expensive brands.
It even copes with a love attack from our new puppy Mocha!!

For more information on the products show here, visit the Go Outdoors website.

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