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Walking Essentials for Moderate and Hard Trails

Have you been walking for a while now and feel like you have mastered the ropes of being a beginner?  Easy trails and shorter walks are a great way to start out walking if you are new to the game.  Beginning routes are often easier to find close to home so you do not have to sacrifice a lot of time traveling to and from trails.  However, do you feel like it is time to kick it up a notch and go for some harder trails?

Here is a guide to what you will need when tackling more difficult walking trails.
Sturdy shoes

Any old pair of trainers will work when talking a stroll in your back garden, but when you go walking on more difficult trails that may have steep inclines, rocky patches or slippery areas, it is a good idea to have a pair of shoes that are appropriate for those surfaces.  You do not need to spend hundreds on a fancy pair of hiking boots, but a pair of boots with good traction and good ankle support will do.

Try to find a pair that is waterproof, especially if you like to walk in the mornings when the ground is still dewy or for when the weather changes on you suddenly.  Keeping your feet dry can help maintain a good attitude throughout your walk.
Weatherproof backpack

Hauling around your backpack from uni may allow you to bring along some snacks and an extra water bottle while walking, but if you get caught in the rain, your stuff is bound to get soaked as well.  Investing in a good backpack that is weatherproof can prevent your phone, camera, or expensive gear from getting wet or muddy.  We suggest also packing some essentials in your backpack in case of bad weather such as a poncho, an umbrella, and a torch.  Keeping an extra plastic or reusable bag in your pack is also a good idea so that you can put any gear that gets wet inside to keep the rest of your goods separate.
A good pair of walking poles

Walking on easy trails normally means you will be strolling on relatively flat trails with even surfaces.  Difficult routes entail a lot more ups and downs and it is easy to lose your footing if you do not have good support.  We suggest taking some hiking poles with you to make your walk that much easier and enjoyable.

Addnature has some great options for everyone if you are unsure of where to look.  They have poles for women, men, children, and different color or style choices for every taste.  Hiking poles allow you focus more on what is around you so that you are not always looking down at your footing.  They can be hard to get used to the first time you use them, but once you start using them on your harder hikes, you will never leave the house without them!
Extra items

Since you are not a beginner anymore, you know that it is important to bring enough water, sunscreen, and snacks for your day journey, but you may not have thought to pack these very helpful extra items.

Waterproof matches - having matches or a lighter does not mean much if they get wet! Buy some waterproof matches so that you do not have to worry about rain ruining your campfire.  Do not forget to pack a small amount of kindling with them in case all the wood is wet as well!

Knife or multitool - sometimes your clothing can get snagged and you need a way to cut yourself out or your pack of trail mix will not open.  Keeping a multitool on your person may be just what you need in a fix.

Collapsible water pouches - taking extra water with you is the number one thing we recommend but lugging around three extra water bottles is a pain!  Pack your water in collapsible water pouches to save space and weight in your backpack.

Emergency space blanket - the weather can change faster than you think and if you get caught up in some bad weather, it is important to be prepared.  If you get stranded out on the trail, an emergency space blanket can protect you from the elements like wind and rain.
Graduating to more difficult trails is exciting and rewarding.  Being prepared for what you should expect on the trails makes for a more enjoyable time and will keep you coming back for more.  England and Wales have so much to explore; check out the moderate and hard trails that Walks Around Britain maps out for you and gather the essentials for your future walks.

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