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Thanks for your interest in submitting a product to review for possible inclusion in the new

Walks Around Britain Top 5s.  

The new section has quickly become a "go-to" feature, listing what we consider as the Top 5 items in a particaluar catagory of products - be that walking boots or tents.  And because 45% of our audience class themselves as new to walking, they look to us for help and advice.

Where are the product reviews?

Our product reviews are all now part of the Walks Around Britain Top 5s section.  We no longer put reviews on our blog.  

The benefits of this is we've created a branded section which has already increased traffic and unique visitors to the website by 20% in three months.  Also, unlike the usual product reviews seen on other sites, which hang around long after the product has been replaced, our Walks Around Britain Top 5s are updated and changed on a regular basis - meaning the info is always fresh and current.

Once we've added a new product to the Walks Around Britain Top 5s, we tweet it and post it on Facebook – ensuring your product review has the most chance of being viewed by our visitors across all our social media platforms.

What are the requirements?

  • We will not request/accept a product unless we believe it will be of interest to our audience.

This is essential so we maintain the loyalty we’ve built up of our readers.  We’re not in the business of reviewing products or services which have no connection to walking, travel or the outdoors.

  • We are proud of our independence and honesty when we review products.

When you send an item for review, you are acknowledging that Walks Around Britain will be writing an unbiased review of it.  We publish both positive and negative reviews and we will not ‘neglect to mention’ a product just because we didn’t like it.  We do not “sell reviews”, and you cannot buy a positive review by sending a non-returnable product or with advertising.

  • We will not give the chance to “approve” the review prior to publication.

If you want to influence what the review says, then just write a press release.  We will not offer you the chance to “approve” the review prior to publication, nor will we let you give editorial authority of any kind.

  • We do not routinely return products sent to us to review.

If you require the product back, you must arrange and pay for collection – and a postage paid return label should be included with the original package.

You should let us know immediately if a postage paid return label should have been included but was forgotten and follow up with one - otherwise the review item will be considered non-returnable.

  • If we accept a product, we will always post about it.  This may or may not be in the form of a review on our blog.

Sometimes we might decide an audio review or a feature in one of our walking videos might be more appropriate for your product.

  • We cannot guarantee when a post will appear, unless we have confirmed dates with you.

We aim to review all products within 4-8 weeks after receipt, but that is not always possible.  Sometime we need time to actually discover all of the ins and outs of your product, and because we do actually test products in real life situations, that really does take time.  
Actual publish dates will depend upon the complexity of the review product and the existing size of the Walks Around Britain team member’s review queue.

  • You will be contacted if the product appears to be defective; as it is only fair that a working product be reviewed.

  • We’ll include a link to the manufacturer’s site and a link to the product supplier’s site in the review, along with MSRP and our rating.  

We reserve the right to include a direct link to a particular retailer if they have sponsored our reviews.

  • A link back to our website is required if you use, quote from or link to the review on our blog.  This should be on the page showing the product which we reviewed.

We ask for a link back at the very least, since these reviews are done for free.  If you cannot link back but would still like a review, there is a £30 fee.

Ok – so what’s the next step?

Well, please email or phone us to chat about the product first – that way we can find out more about it than simply sending in it in cold.

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