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Our Top 5 Family Tents

There's nothing better than going camping with the family to feel connected and close to the outdoors.  With family camping becoming more and more popular, we've got our editor Andrew White to select his Top 5 Family Tents available now.
As we get to see new kit, we'll be updating this page, so keep popping back to stay up-to-date with our selection.
Regatta Kivu 4-Man Vis-A-Vis Tent
New last year in the range, this tent from Regatta is well worth a look.

The "Vis-a-Vis" means it has bedrooms at eiher end, with a living space in the middle.  Regatta say this is a 4-person tent... and it could be at a push, but it would certainly be a roomy 3-person family tent.

The flysheet is a Hydrafort 70D material which has a 5000mm hydrostatic head.  That's pretty impressive, and will mean a more pleasurable stay in the wet and rain we sometimes get in this country...

There's a spacious living area - especially if you only use it for 3 people - with large windows, and the outer door on either side can be converted into an extra porch for additonal living space. The darkened bedrooms will help those who struggle to get to sleep whilst camping get a more restful night.

The Regatta website are selling it at a massive 50% off...

£207.45 - Buy Now

Eurohike Air 600 Inflatable Tent
An inflatable tent for a family of 4 for under £400?  Oh yes.  Eurohike - one of Go Outdoors' exclusive brands - pulls off this trick with the Air 600, which has a simple tunnel layout with a spacious bedroom, a fairly large living area and big windows to give it a roomy feel and let light in.

There has to be some compromises to get an inflatable for this money - and the hydrostatic head of 4000mm is less than a poled-tent of the same price - but it will still be suitable for stopping most of the Great British Weather seaping in.

All told, this is a great starter tent which will provide years of camping enjoyment.  Perhaps best suited to a family of 4, rather than 6.

£399.99 - Buy Now

Eurohike Sendero 6

Eurohike are one of Go Outdoor’s exclusive ranges, catering for the entry-level customer – and to have a family 6 person tent for under £150 seriously opens camping up to a wider market.  

Of course, a sub-£150 tent has to have some differences to a £400 one – but Eurohike have pulled off a clever trick in just pairing things back, rather than getting rid of features.  So, instead of four or five windows, there’s two; instead of 4000 hyrdostatic head, it’s 2000.  But, it still has luminous guy ropes and a sewn-in ground sheet.

It’s light at just over 12kg, and pitches easily – around 25 minutes.  There’s no canopy over the door and the colour of bedroom fabric is a bit bright – but all in all there’s little to complain about at the price.  It is, however, much roomier for 4 people, rather than the quoted 6...

A great entry into the world of camping.

£150 - Buy Now

Coleman Meadowood 4 Person Tent

Coleman really know what they are doing with family tents - and the Meadowood 4 shows that.  As it's name suggests, this is a 4-person tent separated into a living area and two bedrooms.  The living area is tall enough for most people to stand in, and the bedroom is longer enough to be comfortable to sleep in.  The lviing area is spacious, with large windows that give excellent views out and let light flood in.

The bedroom features BlackOut Bedroom® technology that keeps it cool and dark inside so you're sure of a good night's sleep.  Tinted windows also help maintain your privacy.

The hydrostatic head is an impressive 4000mm, so this will keep you dry in the worst the UK weather can throw at it and the sewn-in ground sheet keeps those bugs at bay.

Pitching isn’t as easy as with the inflatable tents, but with three poles to assemble and thread through sleeves, it could be done with one person.  With practice, it can be ready in 20 minutes – and once the bright guy ropes are out, you can be confident it won’t be falling over.

£400 - Buy Now

Regatta Karuna Tent

The Regatta Karuna is a 4 person tent, and is of the tunnel design – so no tricky assembly here.  The large darkened bedroom has a removable divider, allowing for some privacy between parents and children.  The living area is large and the built-in front canopy provides shelter from sun or rain.

The sewn-in ground sheet will please anti-creepy crawly people, and the 5000mm hydrostatic head of the fabric keeps it in line with the competition on waterproofing.  The whole bag – tent + poles – is relatively light, and the colour coded poles might it easy to pitch.  The stated 20 min pitch time is possibly a bit optimistic… we managed 25 minutes.  Parents will find the brightly-coloured guy ropes a boon in trying to keep children away from them

£359.95 - Buy Now

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